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About Wolf Territories Grid.

About 3 years ago Wolf Territories was born on Second Life, we had 3 low prim regions, since that time we have moved to our own OpenSim Grid, with over 1500 square km of land, water and much more to explore.

Since then we have grown exponentially and now have many different communities enjoying our land. We have some incredible places to visit, Luxor with it's Egyptian theme right through to our clubs where we regularly have live music!

Come and join the fun with your own free account and avatar.

Getting Started

1. Start by getting your FREE account Click Here (new window).

2. You will need to get a Viewer application this runs on Linux, Windows and Mac, we recommend Firestorm.

3. Once you have downloaded the software please Click Here to install the grid into the software.

You will then be able to login to the grid.

If you would like to rent your own land, please visit