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Your Land at Wolf Territories Grid

Renting land in Wolf Territories Grid is about joining adventures, building connections, and scripting your own stories.


  • Speech to text
  • Stream your computer screen in world from any OS, Linux, Windows or Mac, including Audio - have movie nights or show presentations - or anything else on your screen.
  • In world conferencing facilities
  • Use of our Community Hub regions for your own events
  • Access to educational resources
  • Incredible Control Panel - Click Here for video, new tab, restart your region, rename it, use our incredible terrain generator
  • High Speed HyperConverged Infrastructure based in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Joined to our 28000 region land and ocean
  • Monthly fee, autocharged
  • You retain the rights to your content
  • A Bobby AI Robot for your region
  • A Massive box of tools in our region owners pack

and many many more featurs not found on other opensim grids

Order Here - Instant Delivery - Read Carefully

Prices are shown in UK Pounds, GBP,EUR and USD but we accept any country. This will convert when you pay to your local currency and may include a charge from your bank/card.

All regions are sized at 1024x1024 sq m, 4x4 regions, equivalent of 16 second life sims.

If you would like 8x8 or 12x12, these region sizes are availiable on request for an extra cost after purchase.

The grid will automatically place your region, please contact us if you would like it moved, as it's a manual process, we want you to be happy so we'll find you somewhere!

Remember one of our regions is equal to 16 SL regions

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1 x 1024x1024 (16 sl sim) region = £20.00 - €23.40 - $25.40
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